Key Phrase Research

It would be great if key phrase research was a simple as thinking about the products or services your offer, unfortunately it isn’t. Big decision are made in selecting your phrases, decisions made at key phrase research can shape the structure of your site, the content, your link building efforts. If that decision is wrong then time and money will be lost.

For me it comes down to 4 very simple points to follow.

  1. Search Volume – There must be volume, as the saying goes there’s no point in being top for a term that has no traffic.
  2. Relevance – The term must be a product or service you offer.
  3. Potential to convert - Doesn’t necessarily have to be at the point, but that key phrase needs to contribute to a conversion
  4. Ability  to rank – Can you site rank for the key phrase ? Is there too much competition?

These four points need to be thought about when considering each key phrase.

To conduct key phrase research Google and other companies provide tools to predict search volumes, using these tools correctly and with existing data traffic and  conversion numbers can be estimated.