Link Building

You have your site, you have great on page work, you know your key phrases, your content features your key phrases and the search engines have indexed your site, now you need to build links. As much as on page work is important it’s the off page factors that decide the outcome of the search results.

As well as being the most important factor of SEO link building is seen as one of the hardest to tasks to conduct. What links are good, how many are needed, what should the link say, can I buy links, what type of links?

There are some rules to follow, but quiet often the answer is “it depends“. Yes not the great answer but it’s true;

  • What links are good? - It depends on your competition and key phrases, a local key phrase you’ll looking for local directories and links from pages with content about the location. Generic key phrases you need quality links from authoritative sites and match the anchor text to the key phrase.

So how can I help? Well a number of options?

  • Identify a list of site and pages where you can apply / submit for a link.
  • Take that list, make the submissions / applications
  • Create and perform a monthly link building strategy
  • Create and perform a key phrase focused link building strategy

All the services are very flexible, It’s not a £299.99 a month and you’ll get 30 blog post, 3,000 directories, 20 articles, 100 comments. That’s not how real link building works, thats automation.